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What did you achieve this summer?

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As we prepare for the start of the new school year (am I the only one who’s still not yet put the name tags into the mountains of new school uniform, checked the state of last year’s pencil case and taught their child how to put on a school tie?), I can’t believe the summer’s already over.

Two minutes ago, it seems, I stood teetering on the brink of the holidays, the prospect of 10 weeks without school yawning before me as insurmountable as the Grand Canyon – but then, in the blink of an eye, I’m back to making packed lunches, getting up at stupid o’clock, coaxing DD through her Year 3 homework, and spending the majority of my day driving up and down the same wretched stretch of Emirates Road like a frustrated long-distance lorry driver.

But, however little you think you achieve in a summer (sometimes, for me, it’s as simple as just surviving the days without throwing the crockery at the wall), there’s always something worth remembering. So what did I achieve this summer? Well…

My one constant throughout the (long) summer was work. It may be a little plate, but I kept it spinning.

          I experienced a cruise for the first time. While this hasn’t ever been an ambition, I’m glad to have done it – and you’d be surprised how curious other people are about it. And many don’t even think the concept of a “Med cruise” is tacky!

          I discovered that I’d like to go back to Corsica and that I could potentially live in Gibraltar.

          I found a latent talent in DD for drama (actually, given the histrionics to which she often treats us, I should have guessed this sooner).

          I learned how to park in the Gold & Diamond Park. Until this summer, it’d always been a parking black-hole to me, like Meena Bazaar and most of Deira.

          I got all my good jewellery fixed, resized and polished (while utilising the free parking at the Gold & Diamond Park) so it fits and looks like new.

          I managed not to acquire any new jewellery in the Gold & Diamond Park (though the same cannot be said about England, but the less said about that the better).

          I caught up with three friends from school and loved the fact that our friendships have lasted, largely unchanged, for 31 years.

          I finally, finally, after years of high cost and frustration, sacked the hair colourist and learned to dye my own hair (AED 37 and half an hour as opposed to AED 650 and three hours). Nice ‘n’ Easy No. 76 if you’re interested.

          I went to Aquaventure for the first time. And liked it – even if I had to get my hair wet.

          I taught DD to ice-skate and, with the not inconsiderable input of a swimming coach, helped her to learn front-crawl breathing (no mean feat when I can’t even do it myself).

          I purged the toy cupboards of a lot of baby toys that are no longer needed [claps hands in the air, does a little dance].

          And, finally, despite having two children on my hands for 10 weeks and travelling through, in and around six countries, I managed to continue doing my job – seamlessly – which, as any mum who’s tried to work from home will tell you, is no small achievement.

Cheers to the new school year.


Written by mrsdubai

September 2, 2012 at 9:16 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Does travelling and eating your way through the summer count?


    September 2, 2012 at 9:29 pm

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