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1-D… 1-Who?

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As I start writing dates into my 2015 diary I see that, back in about 2000, I bought tickets for DD, DS, myself and a friend as yet to be chosen to attend a One Direction concert in Dubai in April 2015. At the time of booking, DD was all over 1-D. Her room was plastered in posters of the band; she wore those rubbery bracelets with hearts and the names of Harry, Zayn (and who are the other ones?); her school book-bag bore badges of their greasy teenage faces.

Harry and pals... an expensive night out for the mummies

Harry and pals… an expensive night out for the mummies

When I booked the tickets – as I remember, at precisely 10am when the online booking opened and on a day I had better things to do given I was literally about to fly to London – I was the best mummy, like, ever.

But, as I opened my diary to April 2015, a little shudder ran through me. Would this be like Bieber-gate? Having bought tickets to Justin Bieber’s Dubai concert also about a decade in advance, I found that, by the time the concert rolled around, DD had completely grown out of him and had precisely zero interest.

(It probably hadn’t helped that I’d done a pretty comprehensive smear campaign using the Daily Mail as evidence of how unworthy the Biebster was of our time and money, what with spitting on his fans, rocking up late to concerts and getting done for drink-driving) – thankfully I managed to sell the tickets and no animals were harmed in the avoidance of said concert.

But is 1-D to meet the same fate, I wonder?

While eight-year-old DD, when I booked the tickets, was heavily into the band, nine-year-old DD – who will be 10 at the time of the concert – is into other things. Malory Towers (yes, I had a hand in that). Books by Louis Sachar (thanks to her school for that). American Girl dolls (DH brought one back from San Francisco; anything to keep her off the iPad)… and 1-D is suddenly 1-Who?

Well… if four middle-aged ladies would like to join me ogling Harry, Zayn and [blank] and [blank] next April, I suppose we’ll at least be able to see over everyone’s heads. Every cloud and all that.

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November 1, 2014 at 7:17 pm

Silent Sunday: Where did my baby go?

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DD's bedroom. Yesterday it was pink, purple and sparkly princesses. Today it's greasy-haired upstarts from One Direction. What happened?

DD’s bedroom. Yesterday it was pink, purple and sparkly princesses. Today it’s greasy-haired upstarts from One Direction. What happened?

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April 21, 2013 at 5:39 pm

“Do you need a wee?”

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It’s a question I seem to ask a zillion times a day.  DS is still little enough sometimes to get caught short when we’re a long way from the nearest loo, so I schedule in trips to convenient loos while we’re out, then persuade him to try for a wee.

But he’s a stubborn creature. He doesn’t like me to be in charge, so he often says “no” only to squeak “Need a wee! Need a wee!” 10 minutes later, once we’re out of range of a loo. And how annoying is it to have to schlep all the way back to the loo when you’ve already just been? Sigh.

Anyway, today we were in the M&S loos and I thought maybe the sound of the taps running as I washed my hands might bring on that “need a wee!” moment.

“Do you need a wee?” I asked hopefully. “Shall we try?”

DS started concentrating very hard, his eyes going vacant. The tap ran. DS frowned. It looked promising.

“Shall we try for a wee?” I pushed.

He cupped his hand to his ear, and frowned harder. I almost high-fived myself – bingo! But no.

“It’s One Direction,” he said, of the music coming so faintly from the shop floor I could barely hear it.

“You light up my life like nobody else,” he sung. “You don’t know you’re beautiful!”

Song identified – the benefit of having an older sister – but still no wee.

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September 12, 2012 at 8:12 pm