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Taylor Swift for mums

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DS is an early riser. At first, when he was a baby and used to wake at 5 or 5.30am, I used to comfort myself with the thought that he’d grow out of it; that as soon as he went to nursery / went to school / got older, he’d start to wake at a more civilised time, or at least stop coming in to wake me as soon as he was up. It never happened.


All I want for Christmas is…. zzz

I remember reading, in desperation one weekend morning when I’d been awoken yet again at 5am, an article on ‘how to deal with early-wakers’. The life-changing conclusion? Go to bed earlier yourself, or you’ll die of exhaustion, because your child is not going to change. An early-waker, said the article, will always be an early-waker.

Five years later, I have the black under-eye circles to prove it was right.

Still, since DS has been about four and a half, I’ve been buying myself a little extra morning lie-in on the weekends (say, till 6.30 or 7am) by placing some cereal and the iPad in his room along with the strict instructions every weekend night not to wake anyone up: not Mummy. Not Daddy. Not DD, and certainly not Gerlie, who quite rightly doesn’t take kindly to having DS knocking on her door pre-dawn on the weekends.

In fact, the last words DS hears at night are not ‘Good night, sleep well, darling,’ but ‘Remember: don’t wake me up.’

So today I was washing the dishes while the children played. Going around in my head was a bit of an ear worm: Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together. As I soaped the dishes, I sang: ‘Never, ever, ever…’

‘Wake me up,’ said DS.

My prediction for the next decade? Taylor Swift has two babies, followed by a re-release.

Written by mrsdubai

November 28, 2014 at 6:01 pm