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Some people just aren’t made for Lelli kellys

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It was a difficult lesson for DD to learn, but I feel it was probably necessary…

Although I try not to let my children watch too much TV in Dubai, they got into a bit of a routine in the UK of getting up early, walking down the stairs holding hands and singing “bananas, in pyjamas, are coming down the stairs,” turning on M..m..m..m..m…m..m..m..More Milkshake on Channel 5 and settling on the sofa for some prime-time viewing while I stole a few extra precious minutes in bed.

The downside of kiddie TV in the UK is, of course, the advertising. Not only did DD want every single toy in Argos (thanks, Ch 5), but my two-year-old DS could sing the Lelli Kelly shoes song word- and pitch-perfect.

Honestly, there’s something wrong with a little boy singing, “Lelli Kelli they’re the coolest shoes – oh yeah!”

You may remember that this time last year DD had been begging for a pair of LK’s following last year’s trip home. I’d managed to palm her off with some Clarks but this year I thought I’d indulge her, so off we trogged to Russell & Bromley Kids, took our ticket and waited in line for DD’s feet to be measured and the LKs fitted.

But disaster struck.

DD’s feet were too dainty for the clompty great LKs. Even with the interchangeable strap pulled as tight as it would go, the assistant could still yank the shoes clean off DD’s feet.

“It happens to a lot of girls, you know,” she said, as reality hit DD and she sat, sobbing, her big, hot tears splashing the floor. “I’m not going to let you buy them. They’re unsafe.”

(Can you imagine a shop assistant telling a customer that in Dubai?)

So DD was palmed off with yet another pair of well-fitting and, frankly, much prettier Clarks shoes, that came with free stickers, but she’s still damaged by the LK incident.

“When I’m old and have four children [two girls and two boys], I’m going to tell them about the day I couldn’t get the Lelli Kelly’s,” she told me at bedtime tonight. “I’m never going to forget it. It was the worst day of my life.”

Bloody ads.