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On training children to wake up later

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I’ve always maintained that small children are a little like puppies. Not in that messy, slurpy way, of course (though I have seen some children who are exactly like that) but in as much as they respond very well to training programmes.

So, after two months of 5.40am wake-ups caused by DS running into our room for a cuddle, I’ve decided I need to train him to wake up later before I start to look 165 years old and start quivering with tiredness. But how to do it? I tried making his room as dark as possible: With shutters and black-out blinds, you’d be hard-pressed to find Darth Vader in there before 7.30am.

Night and day. Simple but effective. And who’s going to know if you set sunrise for 11am?

Didn’t work.

I tried putting him to bed later: Didn’t work. I tried cutting out the afternoon nap: Didn’t work. I tried putting him to bed earlier, increasing the afternoon nap: Didn’t work. I tried bribing him, threatening him and pulling a guilt trip on him (“Mummy’s SO much nicer when she’s slept enough”) – nothing worked.

So in desperation, I went on Amazon and bought a Gro Clock. This works on the simple premise that, when it’s night-time, the clock face is lit up blue and shows stars sleeping. During the night, the stars gradually disappear and, when it’s time to wake up, the sun rises and the clock face turns yellow with a big, smiling sun.

But will it work?

Last night we had great fun setting it. I thought I’d better not push my luck by setting it too late, so I picked 6.20am. DS understood that he had to wait for it to turn yellow, his favourite colour, before he could come out of his room – and he duly appeared downstairs at 6.40am, full of the joys of the yellow sun.

I’m wondering if I’ll get away with 9am tomorrow.


Day 1: Set for 6.20am, woke 6.40am.

Day 2: Mummy out gallivanting. DH couldn’t set it.

Day 3: Mummy & daddy out gallivanting. Clock not set.

Day 4: Set for 6.30am, cried “Mummy! I need a wee-wee!” at 6.20am. If there’s one thing that’ll get me out of bed, it’s the thought of not having to change the bed sheets….. here’s to tomorrow.

Written by mrsdubai

May 17, 2012 at 11:40 am