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I could have starred with Shah Rukh Khan

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Look, it’s no secret in this house that I have a bit of a crush on a couple of Bollywood movie stars. I am, after all, married to a man of Indian origin. 

Have to say, much as I like SRK, when push came to shove, it's blue-eyed Hrithik (pictured) I'd pick

Have to say, much as I like SRK, if push came to shove, it’s blue-eyed Hrithik (pictured) I’d pick. Swoon.

Yeah, you’ve got your George Clooneys and all that but, when it comes to gorgeous-on-stilts, you can’t beat a bit of Hrithik Roshan and, since he toned up a bit, I’ve also developed a liking for SRK – or King Khan, as he’s fondly known in our house (by me at least).

So you can imagine how I felt when I heard that, on Saturday, producers of SRK’s latest movie, Happy New Year, were auditioning Dubai residents to take part in the film.

To be picked, you needed to be able to ice-skate – but that’s no problem for me. Backwards, Bollywood-dancing-on-ice in a sari and hot-pink diamanté skates, chandelier earrings and 50 bangles? No problem. I could do it with my eyes shut. Maybe even with a bit of a jump and half a spin while throwing a homemade samosa to the judges.

“Darling!” I squealed to DS while I dug out my skates. “Do you think I should go?”

I imagined myself in a bejewelled sari, wiggling my way backwards around the rink, one leg raised elegantly towards Pappa Roti’s (the auditions were on the Dubai Mall ice rink) while Chammak Challo thumped out across the precinct – but DH’s one raised eyebrow said a lot of things, mostly, “Seriously, darling? You are 42?”

Ultimately, I decided not to go as I’m not one for queues and I imagined 2,000 desperate, screaming fans would be strapping on their hire skates for a try.

Sad, then, to see today that only 50 people auditioned. Maybe I’d have stood a chance. But then again… given the winners were either eight years old or professional figure skaters… most likely not.


Written by mrsdubai

September 8, 2013 at 9:29 pm