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Questions thrown up by Mamma Mia

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DH and I took the children to see the stage show of Mamma Mia this week. When DD was four, it was her favourite movie. In the long summer when DS was brand new and we were stuck at home for long swathes of time, she and I danced and sang our way through it countless times (a day). Having even watched the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section more times than I’ve had hot dinners, there’s nothing I don’t know about that movie.

Not quite the outfit I'd imagine as Mother of the Bride...

Not quite the outfit I’d imagined as Mother of the Bride…

But there’s a difference, I discovered this week, between watching the show with a four-year-old, for whom it’s all about good melodies and slick dance moves, and watching it with a nine-year-old. In fact, the performance on Friday caused DD to come up with quite a few questions:

“How come Sophie’s mum had a baby but isn’t married?”

“How come they don’t know which one of three men is Sophie’s dad?”

“What does ejaculate mean?”

“Does ‘gay’ mean he’s in a same-gender relationship?”

“Did she just show her bare bum out of the window?”

“Isn’t this a little inappropriate for kids?”

And finally, when Donna and her friends are performing “Super Trouper” in full ABBA regalia at Sophie’s hen night, the most difficult question of all: “Will you do that for me at my wedding?”


Written by mrsdubai

January 12, 2015 at 7:15 pm

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