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Mummy and the car mechanic

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A couple of days ago, my car wouldn’t start. Flat battery. The insurance people sent a mechanic to jump-start the car so I could take it in to Audi for fixing (Audi, can’t think why, don’t put their car batteries in the engine compartment; they hide them under the driver’s seat so it’s impossible to nip out to El Garagio Dodgio and have them changed for a reasonable cost).

So the mechanic turns up with a battery booster and jump-starts the car with a toothy smile.

“S’fine now,” he says. “Keep on for 30 minutes, then good, like new.”

“I take to Audi?” I ask. “For new battery?”

“No. No need new battery.”

“Really? But battery finished?”

“No,” he says. “Look!” He turns off the engine, starts it again. “See. Working now. Good.”

“But needs new battery?” I persist.

He laughs. “No. S’working.” He looks at me as if I’m the type of crazy woman who flushes money down the loo for fun. Why get a new battery when this one works?

Still I didn’t believe him. There followed five minutes during which he gathered up his booster pack and his jump leads and got back in his car and I followed him around like a puppy, saying “Really? really? Are you sure? No new battery? I take it to Audi anyway?”

He just kept laughing and shaking his head. I could still hear his laughs long after his car was out of sight.

So I got in my car and took it for a LONG drive up and down Emirates Road. I hammered it until the battery was fully charged (it does at least have a battery life indicator).

I went to bed hopeful.

In the morning the children and I got into the car. “Are we feeling lucky?” I called, finger poised over the starter. “Yes!” they shouted. “Think positive, mummy!”

The car started. We went to Spinneys. We came home. Then we got into the car to go out again and… flat battery.

And it was at this point that I flung my hands in the air and cursed myself for not taking it to Audi the day before. I know that a mechanic who carries a booster pack like I carry a Coach handbag has a completely different mind-set to a mother. I know that! To him a flat battery is a five-minute inconvenience; to me it’s a week of high blood pressure, school-run favours and expensive hire cars.

Remember this next time your battery’s flat and a swarthy chap with a toothy grin tells you it’s fine. It’s not.

Farewell, dear car. Get well soon.

Farewell, dear car. Get well soon.


Written by mrsdubai

February 20, 2014 at 10:50 am

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  1. As a stay at home mum of 3 I feel your pain!! I have an an Audi Q7 & the only probs I have is tyres that need replacing which are v expensive – 3 needed soon.
    I have started following you as my husband has been offer a job in Dubai so my every waking moment now is spent searching for anything & everything in dubai – housing, schools, visas, ID cards ……
    Any advice would be much appreciated


    February 20, 2014 at 11:15 am

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