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The importance of clear speech

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So I’m lying in bed with DS this evening, giving him a little cuddle before sleep, and we get on to the topic of pets.

‘I’d like to give my friend a cat,’ he says, ‘because his parents died.’

‘What?’ I said. ‘No they didn’t!’

‘Yes they did,’ he said. ‘He told me today. His parents died. He said so.’

‘When? I saw his mum last week. She was great!’ (I’m thinking: holiday weekend; rain, road accident? Surely not?)

‘At the weekend.’

Do I believe him? ‘DS, you mustn’t say this stuff. It’s not nice.’

‘But he told me. He said so.’

‘Really DS, it’s not nice to say someone’s parents died.’

‘Oh mummy. ‘ exasperated sigh. ‘Not parents: PARROTS. I want to give him a cat because his parrots died.’






Written by mrsdubai

January 13, 2014 at 9:33 pm

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