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Welcome to Question Time!

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One thing they never tell you about becoming a parent is how you suddenly have to negotiate life while answering a constant stream of questions.

Whatever you’re doing as a mum, whether it’s filling in passport renewal forms, working, driving at 120kph, meeting the financial advisor, having a phone conversation or sitting on the loo, is punctuated with questions pitched with such urgency you’d think the world would stop turning if a satisfactory reply wasn’t given at once.

Sometimes the questions don’t even have simple answers:

"Why are you wearing those horrible green trousers?" "Good question, DS..."

“Why are you wearing those horrible green trousers?” “Good question, DS…”

“Why can’t we go to McDonalds?”

“Is Zanzibar a place or a flavour?”

“Why doesn’t it snow here?”

“How many hours till Christmas?”

“Where are my blue shorts?”

Why can’t we have ice cream?”

“What happens when you die?”

“Can I have a heart-shaped birthday cake?”

“What are we doing next summer?”

“Do any of the biscuits we have at home have writing on?” (this gem as I was trying to prevent us from being squished between two speeding 40-foot container trucks on Mohammed bin Zayed Road).

Research has shown that mothers can be subjected to up to 300 kiddie questions a day – that’s one every two minutes. Times that by as many children you have and, well, no wonder I can’t even decide if I want a cup of tea come four o’clock: “Yes? No? Maybe? Herbal? English Breakfast? Earl Grey?” Gaaah!


Written by mrsdubai

December 4, 2013 at 6:13 pm

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