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‘Am I driving safely?’

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It’s funny you should ask.

I’ve been mulling that over since I first caught sight of you in my rear-view mirror. The reason I noticed you was not because your white minibus was particularly unusual; rather because of the spectacular way you shot it across six lanes in that death-defying manoeuvre I like to call the ‘Dubai sling’ – you know, looking a little like you’d been launched horizontally onto Emirates Rd (the former) from a giant’s slingshot.

It happens... quite a lot actually.

It happens… quite a lot actually. Photo: 7 Days.

As I watched you then weave in and out of the traffic behind me the question in my mind was not were you going to overtake me, but whether it would be from the outside hard shoulder or from the right side. It was 50:50 either way.

Still, I startled when you suddenly lurched out of the blind spot on my right and into my rear-view mirror so closely that the entire of my back window was blocked by your windscreen. I didn’t need to see your headlights (I couldn’t anyway – they were under my rear bumper) to know you were already flashing like Kylie Minogue’s disco ball.

What to do about it then became my dilemma. We were both in the overtaking lane and I was going a hair’s breadth under the legal limit (including grace limit) of 140kph. I couldn’t move to the right and I wasn’t going to speed up and get a ticket just so you could reach your grave destination faster.

Meanwhile, you stuck so close that, had my children been in the back, they could quite easily have turned around a picked your nose. (Luckily they weren’t.)

I moved over when I could, and then I watched you fly past at, ooh, 150kph (93mph), bent over the wheel like you’re Lewis Hamilton – and then? I noticed you not only had no side windows, but you’d sellotaped a sun-shade into the back window to block that too.

So, to return to the start: ‘Am I driving safely?’ asks the little sticker on your backside. Well, seriously? What do you think?

Further reading: ‘Slow down, minibus drivers told’ via The National.


Written by mrsdubai

October 23, 2013 at 10:20 pm

3 Responses

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  1. OMG. My daily rage is idiots like this on our roads. I’ve even rung that “Am I driving safely” number on several occasions and it is always someone who doesn’t speak english on the end of the line, or someone who says it is just a hire company and they can’t help me. SO WHY THE STICKER?? I ask. Deep breathes, deep breathes…’s just another Dubai day.


    October 25, 2013 at 11:49 am

  2. […] AM I DRIVING SAFELY? … this is such a regular occurrence in the UAE that in reality I am more surprised when I don’t come across drivers like this on a journey than when I do … […]

  3. Wow. I thought Italian drivers were aggressive but it sounds like it is worse there 😦
    I have had many encounters with cursing and swearing with Italians and it saddens me so much. In Canada people are so courteous that it is a joy to go for a drive.
    Stay safe my friends!

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