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The first day of Christmas…

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There’s a rule in my house: Christmas is not mentioned until the Halloween costumes are sold on Dubizzle. Which takes about a week.

Usually, we manage to stick to it – to be honest, to start thinking about Christmas when it’s still reaching 40C outside and you haven’t yet turned on your hot water switch because you’re getting enough hot water for three showers, one bath, 10 dishes of washing up, a load of washing and DH’s shaving, all from the heat of yesterday’s sun, is quite ridiculous.

Only 11 weeks to go! So glad it's in my diary already!

Only 11 weeks to go! So glad it’s in my diary already!

But there is one thing that, a little like the UK’s daffodils pushing through the cold, hard earth being the first sign of Spring, heralds the onset of the slippery consumer-slope to Christmas in Dubai – and that, thank you to my friend A for prompting this post by the way, is the day that the community’s “festive” leaflet is left to grill in the sun on the marble front path.

It’s put down at 10am and burnt to a crisp by lunchtime.

And, I hate to mark the passing of the seasons in such a way, but let’s just say: this year the Halloween costumes are not even delivered, yet the festive leaflet has arrived.

Oh yes. Christmas in my community is a-coming.  The leaflet invites us to “embrace the Spirit of Festivities” – to “Delight, Toast, Cheer, Sip, Savour, Dance, Indulge and Feast” with such delights as the Festive Turkey Take-Away (£150 for 8kg, no veggie option), attend the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony (glad that’s in the diary already – it’s only 10 weeks away), partake of the Christmas-Buffet-With-Santa (not the real one), and stuff ourselves silly at the Christmas Lunch Buffet on Christmas Day, followed by the Boxing Day Brunch (in case were still hungry).

I’m not even going to mention the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and the New Year’s Day Brunch. By the time I get to book that, they’ll be advertising 2014’s Maypole Dance.


Written by mrsdubai

October 8, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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