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“Why does it take you so long to get dressed?”

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DH can’t understand why it sometimes takes me so long to choose what to wear in the mornings.

Perfect for the school run? Who cares!

Perfect for the school run? Who cares!

And neither would I expect him to. No man, except perhaps your gay best friend, can understand what we ladies have to take into consideration when choosing between shorts, skirt, dress, maxi-dress, wrap dress, smock, tunic, jeans, jeans skirt, trousers, cut-offs, cigarette pants, vest, t-shirt, blouse, bikini etc (and that’s before I even get to shoes, handbags and lipstick.).

Men don’t get it because all most of them have to do is ask themselves: “Is it the weekend or a working day?” 1) = shorts & polo shirt 2) = suit.

Meantime, over at the woman’s side of the wardrobe, we can drink a whole Grande Cappuccino while we think through the following – maybe even more than the following:

What am I doing today? School drop-offs, mall, play dates, shopping , office, working from home? Who am I meeting today? Expats, women, locals, men, local men? Do I have to be covered or semi-covered? Can I be bare, with just a shawl to throw on? Or full-on proper covered?

Where will I be? In cold a/c all day, or in the heat of the school car park at sizzling o’clock? Will sweat show through the fabric? Will I get that sweaty-panty look? Will it ruin my dress? Is there any chance that children will be pawing at today’s clothes with greasy fingers? Is the fabric washable? Dry-cleanable?

Am I feeling fat? Will I have muffin top if I wear my jeans? Will my skinnies dig into my waist all day? Should I just cover up in a loose dress and be done with it?

How much walking will I be doing? What have I got that goes with those comfy flats? Or could I wear heels and keep flats in the car just in case? How do my toes look, anyway – are they presentable in flip-flops?

Are my legs hair-free, should I hide them or can they be bare? Is the hemline below my broken veins? (How far down has my cellulite crept now?) Do I have shoes that go with a knee-length skirt? Do I have the right underwear for that pencil skirt? Are those shorts indecent? Do I look like mutton dressed as lamb? Worse – do I look mumsy?

Is what I want even back from the wash? If I wear it today, is it okay if it then goes into the wash, or do I need it more urgently later in the week?

What am I cooking today? Am I likely to splash tinned tomatoes down it?

Actually, reading that, it’s a wonder I ever get dressed at all.


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October 2, 2013 at 9:43 pm

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  1. it’s a good question. and the answer is long, I see 🙂


    October 2, 2013 at 11:05 pm

  2. Amen. The only thing I can add is on the days one (me) wears work out clothes for school drop off and wonder: a) do people (other mothers in gym kit) believe I am going/coming from my work-out–I am otherwise I wouldn’t /shouldn’t be caught dead in yoga gear, and b) I am working out to get rid of my flab but how bad does my ass look in this spandex…


    October 3, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    • I have to admit…sorry to say this Caroline… but I have worn work-out gear on early drop-off just to save myself the decision-making process at 6am. And , yes, I do wonder if all the sportily dressed mums really are going exercising!!! 🙂 xox


      October 3, 2013 at 8:21 pm

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