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Why does the end of term cost so much?

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I was feeling quite smug yesterday when I realised that I hadn’t got any cash out of the ATM for over a month. Obviously I’ve spent money – I’ve paid bills online, written cheques and used my debit card for the grocery shopping – but what it does mean is that I haven’t been frittering away bits of cash from my purse.  You know: A coffee here, a pedicure there; a quick sandwich; something for lunch from Spinneys – nope, none of that has happened.

Luckily we have a forest of these growing in the back garden (ahem)

I think the school’s trying to teach the children that money really does grown on these

Which is great.

But then the end-of-term bills started rolling in. Not for next year’s school fees, of course – the bank transferred the bullion for the 2013-14 fees back in January – but for all the “little extras” that go with the end of the school year.

Today alone, I was asked by various school people for a total of AED 981 (£179), which I’m supposed to take to school, in cash, tomorrow, divided into various envelopes to be left at various collection points. Here’s a breakdown:

Class photos:  AED 510 (£92.70)
AED130 or AED 255 framed (£23.60 or £46.30) – two children, two framed photos.

Year 3 School trip: AED 125 (£22.70)
Bowling + cinema (I’m not saying anything).

Costume for nursery summer concert: AED 46 (£8.30)
No doubt some piece of lurid nylon to be worn for an hour. If DS is anything like DD, he’ll fall sick and never even wear than damn thing.

Teacher end-of-term gifts – Nursery : AED 150 (£27.20)
For one teacher and two assistants.

Teacher end-of-term gifts – Year 3: AED 100 (£18.18)
For one teacher and half an assistant

Parent rep end-of-term gift – Year 3: AED 50 (£9)

TOTAL: AED 981 (£179)

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


Written by mrsdubai

May 27, 2013 at 5:26 pm

2 Responses

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  1. well said. tomorrow already holds a costume for Roman Day, food for 2x end of year parties and for us a trip to Little Explorers (marginally more worthwhile than the cinema and bowling) – oh and of course their application to KHDA to increase fees above the bullion already parted with. Cha Ching said a certain school in Nad Al Sheba.


    May 27, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    • Oh yes, I forgot the parties, the nursery trip and the Roman DAy costumes…. cha ching indeed!!


      May 28, 2013 at 5:13 pm

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