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Circular conversations with a 4-year-old

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I made the mistake last week of telling DS that I’d booked our summer flights to the UK. I forgot that four-year-olds don’t have the best temporal awareness. Despite me explaining that we’re not going till after the end of the summer term, DS thinks we’re going this weekend.

“We’re going to England after tomorrow,” he told an astonished Gerlie.

Too excited: I've a feeling DS will be packed by the end of June.

Too excited: I’ve a feeling DS will be packed by the end of June.

I explained again that it wasn’t “after tomorrow”.

“Are we going tomorrow, then?” he asked, even more hopeful.

“No, not tomorrow.”

“Then after tomorrow?” His voice rose, a sign that he was getting frustrated with me for being so dense. “I mean, are we going after tomorrow?”

“Well, yes. I suppose so. After tomorrow – but not for a long time after tomorrow. Eight weeks after tomorrow.”

“Oh.” A pause. “One… two… three… four…”

“DS, eight weeks, not eight seconds. After the school term finishes.”

“After tomorrow?”

If you wonder what I do all day, I have circular conversations with a four-year-old, that’s what.


Written by mrsdubai

May 22, 2013 at 5:39 pm

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