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The hips don’t lie

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My hips sometimes get an honorary mention in this blog. It’s not that they’re fat – honestly, there’s not a lot of fat on them – but they’re wide. “Child-bearing hips” says mum – to be honest, I’d have gone with two C-sections if it meant 5cms off the hips for life (before you shoot me, I had one C-section – I know they’re not easy).

I don't think DH would have any objections either! As long as I only danced at home!

I don’t think DH would have any objections either! As long as I only danced at home!

Anyway the other night we were at a friend’s house for a little evening soirée and it turned out she’d arranged a belly-dancer to entertain us.

I haven’t seen a belly dancer perform live for about 12 years. Like visiting the National Portrait Gallery when you live in London, it’s not something you do much once you live here.

So she shimmied and she jimmied and she jangled and she wiggled – and she held me totally entranced. She had a little belly, but what I noticed that night was that belly-dancing is actually not dependant on a big, wobbly belly. It’s more about a slim waist and curvy hips.

It was a revelation to me. At last the hip girth is useful for something. My friends, may I reveal my new career: Mrs Dubai – belly-dancer.


Written by mrsdubai

April 30, 2013 at 9:19 pm

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