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Moshi Monsters – the currency of the seven-year-old

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A little while ago, Moshi Monsters (or Moshlings, I don’t even know the correct term), were something that Other People’s Children knew about. Not mine. Oh no. Mine weren’t allowed anywhere near the computer where the Moshi website lurked, waiting to suck them in. Little did I know the Moshi empire extends beyond the PC.

So it all started when DD came home from school with a Moshi card. Five the next day. Then she was begging for more.

“I’ve been given five cards for free!” she whined. “I need more so I can trade with the other girls. You can’t just take cards from people, you have to trade!”

Okay, “trading” sounded like a skill worth learning, so I took her to the shop with her purse containing the AED 79 she’d saved up over the months, and said she could buy them herself  if she wanted them that badly.

She bought three packets of six. She now owned 23 Moshi cards.

Oh, if I knew then what I know now.

After the cards came more cards. Then came the distinction between Series 1, 2 and 3 cards. Between shiny cards, scratch-n-sniff cards, and Japanese cards (“Hind only trades with Japanese cards. It’s called ‘Hind’s Rule’”). Then there were so many cards she needed “the binder” to hold them in. 

The key to DD’s heart: The Moshi series 2 gold collector’s tin. But £37.99 – seriously??

Soon, the binder contained 104 trading cards, and DD started wanting the “figures” – little bits of worthless plastic shaped to look like ugly little aliens. The cards thinned out.

“I trade six cards for one figure,” explained DD, dragging a sandwich bag of these little aliens around wherever she went. “But you can buy them in bags.”

At this point I was beginning to feel I’d never keep up with the Moshi bandwagon. I didn’t sanction the purchasing of any bags of figures. Just as well, because the next day that was forgotten about and what she wanted next was the “Gold collector tin – series 2”.

I looked it up on Amazon. Let’s just get this straight: A small tin containing eight bits of gold plastic (I can already see it in next year’s garage sale) sells in the UK for £37.99 (AED 228) – plus the cost of shipping it over for Christmas.

Needless to say, I’m not really into this whole Moshi craze. But, if it makes her happy, and if it gives her some currency at school, I’ll play along to a limited extent. And, if you’re looking for particular items, try the UK Moshi store – at £9.99 (AED 60), the Gold Collector tin is way cheaper there than on Amazon.

Edited to add: Moshi cards are currently banned from our house since DD was displaying behaviour similar to a crack addict when around them, not to mention constantly fighting with her brother over them. Since the ban, she’s back to reading books, playing in the park, acting like a happy seven-year-old and our children get along once more… Let these things enter your life at your peril!


Written by mrsdubai

November 29, 2012 at 6:09 pm

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