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On “rain watch” in Dubai

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It started yesterday, driving back from school.

“Why’s it gone dark?” asked DS. It wasn’t dark, of course, at 1.15pm in Dubai – but we had driven into the shade of a small, fluffy cloud. 

Rain watch over Dubai: Looking a bit murky down by the coast, but no rain clouds up our end. Sorry kids.

Clouds are so unusual here that my children – born and bred in Dubai – actually notice when one sails overhead and masks the glare of the perennial sunshine. For them, a cloud is about as exciting as hail the size of golf balls might be for a child in the UK.

Even I can’t help feeling that little frisson of excitement, a little quickening of the pulse, when a cloud appears in our endless blue sky. Maybe it’ll rain! Maybe enough to wet the ground! I honestly don’t remember that happening where we live for at least three years.

The cloud, however, passed. We were back in the midday sun before I’d even finished explaining why fluffy little white clouds rarely lead to puddles.

Then this morning we woke to shocking news on the radio: 10 drops of rain had fallen in the Jumeirah area! 10 drops! Catboy – the breakfast show presenter – declared us all to be on “rain watch” and asked people to SMS in with sightings of more rain.

Someone said there had been 20 drops in Jebel Ali!

We ran into the garden to look for clouds heading our way. But there was nothing hopeful – just the dawn of another beautiful Dubai day, with a high of 32 degrees.

I’m not complaining. Really I’m not.


Written by mrsdubai

November 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm

4 Responses

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  1. So how much does Dubai get annually?

    In Vancouver, BC they get enough rain (because it seldom snows on mainland, only in the mountains). Lightning is so rare that it makes front page news when it happens.

    While here in Alberta, we get hail, that dents cars. Now that makes front page news. Air is dry enough that one should have a humidifier to prevent wood furniture from cracking. Similar to Dubai. Hope you drop by my blog one day.


    November 24, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    • Hi Jean, we don’t get much rain in Dubai. In a good year, it’s a couple of days. In a bad year, none at all. We also don’t really get the dry air you mention – over here, when it’s hot, it’s jungle-steamy humid (because of proximity to hot sea, I assume), Will check out your blog. Thanks for reading!


      November 26, 2012 at 9:04 pm

  2. […] ON RAIN WATCH IN DUBAI … I was going to write about this myself … we had brief warnings that it might rain last week … but this Dubai Housewife blogger said it much better (and funnier) than I could … made me chuckle when I heard it on the radio the other morning … “10 drops of Rain in Jumeirah” and were on official rain watch … […]

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