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Homesick for Dubai (A trip on the Emirates Air Line)

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I know I’m missing Dubai a little when I suggest to the children that we head for the closest thing to the UAE that I can think of: The Emirates Air Line cable car that swings over the Thames. Excited that they’d get to go on four buses to get there and back, they were happy to indulge me, so off we set this morning.

In the fog.

Perhaps not the best way to take in the view from 300 feet up in the air but, myself, I just wanted to feel a little bit of the UAE in chilly, autumnal Britain – perhaps they’d have installed some sort of fake hot sunshine just to make us feel at home, and a bit of humidity with which to frizz our hair (as if the fog wasn’t already doing that).  Maybe there’d even be champagne on board (dream on, Mrs D!).

And, from the logo at “check-in” to the woman who welcomed us on board with a message that we’d be “cruising at an altitude of 295 feet on our flight today”, it did make me feel at home. It was a little slice of Dubai in the heart of Greenwich. Lovely.


Yes! Hello Dubai!!

Cruising at 295 feet.


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