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Why I won’t be running the 5K

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For the last day or two, I’ve been tempted by the thought of entering myself into a local 5K run. As a teenager, I loved running – but it’s a love that’s been dormant for a very long time. These days I’m into my cycling (quite leisurely) and my yoga, both of which I enjoy so much I don’t find them a chore to do.

This is the real me – a stretcher, a meditator and a breather – I’m not a runner. I love the power of yoga, the control and the strength… Okay, I’ll shut up now.

But then this 5K race caught my imagination. I’d get fitter if I trained. It’d be a good discipline; I’d have a fabulous sense of achievement if I made it. Maybe I could rope a friend into doing it with me. We might even get half way to having runners’ legs!

I found the “couch to 5K” plans on the internet and they looked do-able (Day 1: Run 15 seconds, then walk – even I could do that!). I put the question out to my Twitter followers. Every single one who replied said yes, do it.

And I almost did.

But then I was on my first morning bike ride for ages, panting round my usual 6km lap and I realised that I’m far less fit than I thought. A summer of inactivity and copious sundowners has set my fitness back a lot.

I imagined running the route I was cycling; I imagined the pain in my lungs; the slam of my feet into the pavement; the feel of my flab bouncing up and down; my face set into a hard grimace, and I thought: Life’s too short to do things you don’t enjoy. Don’t kid yourself, Mrs D. You are not a runner. Never again will you be a runner.

If you want to achieve things in sport, you need to do things that you love; things that make your soul resonate with joy. For me, the Full-Moon Yoga on the beach at Madinat appeals massively. A gentle cycle challenge (not the Dubai92 92k one thank you very much, not this year) would be nice. Ice-skating. Roller-blading in the park.

The key to fitness is that you have to enjoy it. I wish all the best to Dubai’s 5K runners. I won’t be running with you, but I’ll come and cheer you on.


Written by mrsdubai

September 11, 2012 at 6:04 pm

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  1. Just today I was telling myself that i wanted to give this 5k a go…. I am scared of the heat though… Maybe the Full Moon Yoga is a more sensible choice:-)


    September 11, 2012 at 6:13 pm

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