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So how do you explain THAT to the kids?

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It all started with Katy Perry “falling from cloud nine” in her latest song, “Wide awake”.

“What’s she singing about?” asked DD, who’s listened closely to song lyrics since she was about two, often causing me to have to switch radio channels mid-song.

“Umm, kids, it’s a song about netball…?”

She’s quite mature for seven, so I explained about Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand; how she’d believed it would last, but how it hadn’t – and now she was singing about how devastated she was that it had fallen apart. We talked about cloud nine and what that was (“Surely Cloud 100 would be better?” she asked) and DD devised a happiness scale of her own, based on different clouds.

“Mummy, I’m on cloud eight and a half today,” she’d say, “but if DS starts whining, I’ll go down to cloud three. No, really.”

So that was the start of my current trouble.

Now, the children – even DS – want to know what every song that comes on the radio is about. I try to summarise each one in as few words as possible.

“She’s upset because her boyfriend’s left her and is marrying someone else.” (Adele)

“She wants to go dancing.” (J-Lo)

“He’s trying to explain to his friends where his girlfriend is when, really, she’s left him.” (Train)

You get the picture.

But last weekend it all took a slightly more tricky turn. The children and I were having this chat in front of DH, as he drove us to Mirdiff City Centre. He got a cheeky look on his face.

“So what do you say when ‘Can you blow my whistle, baby?’ comes on?” he asked. “’You put your lips together and you come real close’… how do you explain that one, darling?”

Netball, DH. Flo Rida loves playing netball.



Written by mrsdubai

September 5, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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  1. 😀 i’ve been thinking about this song for a while … good luck!!


    September 9, 2012 at 5:23 pm

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