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The home hair-dye kit

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A couple of days ago, the Daily Mail – clearly the font of all knowledge – said that we womenfolk should be casting (pun intended) aside our home hair-dye kits and going to the salon to get our hair coloured. To prove it, it showed pictures of three ladies looking perfectly lovely with their self-dyed hair, then looking absolutely amazing with a salon colour (and professional makeup, a professional blow-dry and professional lighting, natch).

As usual, I’m behind the times: As one who’s been forking out salon prices for highlights in “honey”, “beige” and “ash” for more than a decade, I’ve only just discovered home hair-dye kits.

You may remember that, before the summer, my hairdresser dyed my hair – somewhat unintentionally I believe – nut brown. After a decade as a blonde, I hadn’t intended going dark but, once I’d got over the shock, I kind of liked it.

Shame is, though, as a semi-permanent, it only lasted about three and a half weeks before it needed to be done again (at AED 650 – £100+) a pop and, worse still, despite having the details on my “card”, my hairdresser was unable to get that colour again.

Let’s just say I left for the cruise looking like a tiger. Complete with orange stripes.

So, back in England, I did what every British girl does. I went to Boots and bought a home hair-dye kit. “Medium brown” it said on the box. It looked quite light to me.

“What if it goes wrong?” asked DH.

“What could go wrong?” I shrugged, with the insouciance of one who’s never dyed her own hair. “It’s just hair dye.”

Let’s just say, after two weeks of washing it twice a day and still looking like a Goth, I’ve got used to the black-brown now. Maybe the Daily Mail had a point, after all.


Written by mrsdubai

August 8, 2012 at 6:06 pm

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