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The best friend’s birthday present

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I used to find it easy to buy birthday presents for my friends. I just bought what I liked and they liked it, too – right? But since I’ve got older, I must be making different sorts of friends for I’m now aware that my dearest friend and I like quite different things.

She’s got better taste than me – so what do I get her?

Well, to be fair, we probably like the same things in a generic way – jewellery, handbags, nice stationery and so on – but we like them in totally different variations. While I might go for the chunkiest piece of gold jewellery in the shop, my friend would likely choose something small, discrete and platinum.

And the problem with friends is that, the more you care about them, the more difficult it becomes to buy the right thing. For a start, you care too much about getting it wrong. You worry that they’re going to hate it and think “I thought she knew me! How can she get it so wrong?”

And then there’s the problem that you try to buy something extra-special, which has a much higher risk of backfiring than does a generic box of chocolates, spa voucher or bottle of champagne. But once you try to do something “special”, it’s far more likely to fall flat on its face… Good idea as it might have seemed at the time, not everyone likes sky-diving.

I tell you all this now as BF’s birthday approaches. I’ve been tying myself in knots trying to think of the one thing that’ll make her think, “I love it. Why didn’t I buy that myself?”

But have I got it right? I’ll watch her face carefully and tell you next week.

Meanwhile, for those of you stuck with the same dilemma, here are my favourite websites for gifts for discerning friends:

But if you’re shipping to the UAE, you need to be organised enough to do it in time… which I, of course, was not.


Written by mrsdubai

June 21, 2012 at 8:02 pm

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  1. I am quite certain that your BF, whoever she is, will be thrilled by whatever she’s given by you, no doubt so touched by the sheer depth of thought that’s gone into it. She’s very lucky to have you!


    June 23, 2012 at 7:55 pm

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