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If you’ve ever wondered what to wear…

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Right up there under wishing I had a personal hairdresser to “do” my hair every morning, I wish I had a stylist.

Not one of those I’m-really-a housewife -but-I-think-I’ll-be-a stylist people who drag you round the shops spending your salary faster than even you can on things you’ll never wear, but a real-life fairy who pops up in the bedroom every morning and magics up stunningly easy outfits from my wardrobe.

I always complain in the mornings when I see how easy it is for DH to get dressed. It’s either a suit and tie with work shoes for work – how complicated can that be? – or a polo shirt, long shorts and flip-flops for weekends.

We girls, on the other hand, not only have the misery of hair and makeup to contend with but the agony of shorts vs trousers vs jeans vs skirts vs maxi skirts vs shift dresses vs maxi dresses, and that’s before you even get to thinking about which shoe will convey the right message about your current state of mind.

A heel? Too try-hard. A flat? Makes you look dumpy.  A wedge? Gives you thick ankles. A kitten heel? Not if it looks like Carla Bruni. (Maybe I’ll wear trousers after all.)

And what of these mornings we’re having in Dubai at the moment when it’s about minus 10 at 7am and warms to 28C by lunchtime? How, dear readers, do we dress for that?

Anyway, DH emailed me the solution yesterday (as if he needs any help). Every night, his hotel in London leaves him a little card with a hint for the next day, so he can fall asleep thinking “stripy tie or dotty tie? Navy socks or black socks?” Wasted, don’t you think?


"Oh," thinks DH. "Maybe not the shorts, then."





Written by mrsdubai

January 31, 2012 at 5:19 pm

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  1. great hotel…lucky him


    February 2, 2012 at 10:15 am

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