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“What I Wore Wednesday”

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I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a regular slot called “What I wore Wednesday” (WIWW) where I post a picture of the outfits I wore that day.

I say “outfits” because, unlike these fashion-blog fashionistas, who step out in the morning looking like they’re off to Paris Fashion Week, then add another layer of mascara, change their shoes and stay out till 2am all in the same outfit, I get through three to four outfits a day.

They are invariably as follows:

Outfit 1
For most of the year, I fall out of bed into shorts, a vest and flip-flops – but given it was nine degrees this morning I can’t even imagine ever wearing shorts again. At the moment, the first outfit of the morning is a t-shirt, jersey yoga pants and a fleece.

A typical 'Outfit 3'. Although the clothes change, the colour palette rarely does

Outfit 2
Cycling, yoga or exercise gear for obvious reasons (cycling, yoga or exercise of some sort, natch).

Outfit 3
After my shower, I get into the main outfit of the day. This has to be comfy, be age-appropriate and hopefully stylish, though it’s often not. This outfit’s rarely “fashion” though it can sometimes be “fashion-victim-y”. (I’m working on correcting this to “classic with a nod to fashion” but it’s a long road – I blame it on 13 years of school uniform).

Outfit 4
This is something relaxing for the evening – something in which I can cook without worrying about getting slops and plops all over it; something I can curl up in on the sofa; and something – at the moment – that’s warm and cosy.

So anyway, I started to think about posting a pic for “What I wore Wednesday”. I went upstairs and took a picture of one of my favourite outfits. And then, as I thought through the practicalities of posting WIWW each week, I realised I can’t do it.


Because: 1) My outfits aren’t very interesting. 2) In about two weeks I’ll start repeating outfits because I’m not very imaginative. 3) I’m not very good at photographing clothes flat on the floor, and 4) If you see me in the supermarket, you’ll know who I am!


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January 26, 2012 at 8:35 pm

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