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People I should know

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I don’t know about you, but I see them all the time. They’re people so familiar in their faces, their hair, their clothes and their “being” that, as you approach each other, you think you know them. They look just like all your other favourite friends.

Sometimes, as we pass women in the mall, the familiarity is so strong that even DH says to me, “Did you know her? She looked like you should.”

She looks just like me and I feel I should know her!

I always give my “should-be” friends a half-smile. Sometimes I’ve even been caught out saying “Hey,” (that Dubai cross between “hi” and “how are you?”) to strangers as we pass in Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Centre or Le Marche. Sometimes the “friends that should be” respond and I know that they’re thinking the same thing too: “Do we know each other? Why don’t we know each other? She looks nice [normal / like me].”

[If she’s thinking, “Haven’t I seen her on a ‘WANTED’ list?” that’s a whole new blog.]

Take the other day, for instance. I was surreptitiously looking at a couple of ladies who were standing talking at an event. They were all slim, blonde and wearing beautifully cut linen shift dresses with heels. They all had nice leather goods (you know me and a good handbag), discretely lovely jewellery and excellent highlights. “I feel like I should know them,” I was thinking, when my best friend rocked up and started talking to them. She was friends with them – we’re the same clan – and it’s visually recognisable.

So what do you do when you see people you “should” know? Do you introduce yourself and make a new friend – or pass politely by and wait till you’re next at a party together to get chatting? At least you know, with the one-and-a-half degrees of separation we all have in Dubai, you will bump into them again.


Written by mrsdubai

December 8, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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