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Vintage toys – a trip down memory lane

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Back in December 1979 – when I was eight – all I wanted for Christmas was a Girl’s World. It was advertised profusely on the telly – £12.99 at Argos, as I remember.

My joy, that Christmas, when I spotted a Girl’s World-sized box under the Christmas tree, knew no bounds.

I remember all this because my mum – storer of clutter extraordinaire – kept all my toys. I was a careful girl, who’d rather just look at my toys, sometimes, than ruin them by playing with them with anything other than utmost respect, so most were in pristine condition.

Now, each year, when I bring my children to stay at my mum’s, she produces something of mine from the attic for DD to play with – and this year was the turn of the Girl’s World.

Her face is still made-up with the blue eye shadow I gave her back in 1982 (I know this because, always careful to document things, I left a note saying when I’d last played with it – April 18, 1982, age 11).

Along with Girl’s World, mum also got down my old Barbie pony, which I probably played with till I was much older than I’d care to admit. It’s so special to me, I almost didn’t want DD to touch it!

Wow, what memories.

Girl's World - all an 8-year-old wanted back in 1979.


And Barbie pony, circa 1981. I'd desperately wanted Cindy's horse, and was bitterly disappointed because Barbie pony collapsed under the weight of the heavier, British doll, not to mention came with a Western saddle. The trials of childhood.


Written by mrsdubai

August 18, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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  1. Great memories mrs dubai! I had a Barbie/Cindy dilemma growing up in Sydney. My Nan – living back home in Merseyside- sent me Cindy’s Horse for Xmas via Royal Mail. Thanks to the careful handling – ahem – of the mail boffins I ended up with a Horse with a broken leg – much to my horror. Dad got out the Airfix glue and in a jif my Cindy Horse was ready for play. Poor Barbie – her gait was never quite the same after many hours play on that big, black horse.
    Love the blog – been following for quite awhile now – keep up the great work!


    August 23, 2011 at 11:17 am

    • Thank you so much for your comment! The Barbie / Cindy thing was a big divide. I’ll never forget my disappointment at getting the Barbie pony instead of Cindy’s big black horse (which I did get at a later date). Mum got the Barbie pony as she thought the jointed legs looked more fun, but Cindy squashed it flat! Thanks for reading! xox


      August 23, 2011 at 9:15 pm

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