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Bye-bye, nannima

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My mum left at lunchtime. After three weeks here. Three weeks is long enough to get used to a person’s presence in your house; long enough to feel their absence when they leave.

And a lunchtime departure’s particularly cruel because you spend the morning as normal – as if nothing untoward’s about to happen. Around midday, you get in the car as if you’re going out for another slap-up lunch together. You ignore the luggage in the back and pretend you’re just driving along Emirates Road to Mirdiff City Centre.

But, of course, you take the airport turn and suddenly there it is: Terminal 3 Departures. A luggage trolley is procured, a policeman waves you on, your mum disappears inside those swooshy doors and before you know it, you’re trying to find the right road home with an empty passenger seat and a hint of Dior perfume lingering in the aircon.

Easy, it ain’t. 

The scene of hurried hugs: Dubai Airport departures

But, today, mum’s departure took on a whole new tone. Today DS came with me to the airport. He saw the planes, he saw mum’s luggage, saw her get out of the car – and burst into loud, hot tears as he realised she was going and he was not.

“Tamina! Tamina!”* he screamed all the way back to Emirates Road (she is his “nannima” – mother’s mother – but he calls her “tamina”). Nothing – not even the sight of a yellow lorry – could distract him. He sobbed until he fell into an exhausted sleep.

Not that it lasted long. I loitered on Emirates Rd, trying to get him a good jag of sleep – enough time to forget – but, when we got home his eyes snapped open and he remembered the pre-sleep horrors.

“Tamina! Tamina!” he sobbed, looking around at the books she’d been reading him just an hour before. “Taminaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

What could I say? Nothing – just, “I know. I know.”


Written by mrsdubai

April 20, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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  2. […] a start, I learned a lesson from last year’s disastrous airport run and took DS straight from the airport to Carluccio’s for a slap-up lunch. That distracted both of […]

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