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Aquarius no more!

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I don’t really believe horoscopes, though I like to read the odd one and, if it suits me, I sometimes like to re-read it while smiling. Sometimes – if a horoscope’s particularly positive (“A publisher is actively looking for your book manuscript, Mrs Dubai” kind of thing, or, “You’re about to be offered your ideal job for wads of cash”) I cut it out and keep it on my desk (till Gerlie [Capricorn] mistakes it for rubbish and throws it away).

Anyway, I’ve been thrown into a bit of a tizzy about this whole astrological realignment business. Because the earth’s alignment has shifted in the past 2,000 years, it seems I’m no longer an Aquarian. While I don’t really do the horoscopes thing, I live and breathe the fact that I’m an airy, idealist, independent Aquarian (likes: fame, dreams, eccentricity, surprises), who doesn’t give a flying fig what others think, because I’m a genius. Right?

Once an Aquarius, always an Aquarius - surely?



Suddenly I’m a Capricorn. A “practical and prudent” Capricorn  (likes: antiques, responsibility, history – say what?). Apart from Gerlie, I don’t even know any Capricorns – all my friends are free-spirit Aquarians (we blue-eyed creatives are naturally drawn to each other), balanced Librans, headstrong Aries, organised Virgos or dashingly exciting Leos.

Furthermore, my house, which is stuffed with giddy Aries (likes: challenges, excitement fast cars) – DD, DS and DH were all born headstrong, loyal rams – is now flooded with wishy-washy, arty-farty Pisces types (likes: romance, music, poetry).

When I first mentioned the situation to DH, he didn’t have much time for it. But, today, he must have heard more about the realignment of the Zodiac because he brought up the topic himself.

“Our children aren’t Aries anymore,” he said sadly (he is now the lone Aries of the house).

“And I’m a CAPRICORN!” I sobbed. “Prudent and practical!”

DH pulled such a funny face I had to hide behind a sofa cushion not to get the giggles.

“Prudent?” he asked, raising an authentic Aries brow. “Really, darling, you’ve nothing to worry about there.”



Written by mrsdubai

January 17, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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  1. wow this realignment had totally passed me by. just checked and I’m now a Gemini and not a Cancer…as if I needed any more proof that I am slowly turning into my mother 😦


    January 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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