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DD’s heartbreak

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No-one wants to see their child upset, yet on New Year’s Day I found myself comforting a sobbing DD. What’d happened? Lost her Christmas toys? Grown out of her favourite party dress? Missed Hannah Montana on TV?

No. What got DD sobbing was that her cousin, who’d been visiting from Australia, had left for the airport. There’s five years between the two girls and, when one’s five and the other 10, that’s a pretty huge gap. They’d only met once previously, when DD was two and her cousin seven. Even then they hit it off, with the seven-year-old reading nicely to her baby cousin, and baby cousin lapping it up.

This time, there was much shyness to begin with. I worried that DD was too young to hold her worldlier cousin’s interest at all, but I needn’t have feared. The two were inseparable. Like sisters. I made the mistake of letting them have a sleep-over on the last night – you know, both girls in one room. Waking up together, breakfast together, wearing the same outfit…

… and then the cousin left. DD’s face crumpled as the taxi pulled away, but she held it together until bathtime, when the sobbing could no longer be contained.

“I miss her so much,” wailed DD, in possibly the most honest display of tears I’ve ever seen from her. “You’ve no idea how it feels! I feel it here!” she sobbed, patting her heart and hiccupping through her misery. “I’m so lonely with only a baby brother!”

In my desire to assuage her pain I may have made all sorts of promises – annual trips to Oz, unlimited visits to Dubai from the cousin, family meet-ups in the Far East – but all the while I was comforting DD, there was a small part of me that was glad she’d had a chance to feel some real emotion. Something outside the usual chocolate box of five-year-old feelings.  

Is that mean? What do you think?

Here they are: inseparable cousins, even dressed the same


Written by mrsdubai

January 4, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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