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Arrival of the in-laws

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You know around Christmas many people have their in-laws over. It’s part and parcel of the festive season, really, isn’t it? So I wasn’t surprised back in October when my parents-in-law said they were going to India in January and would like to break their journey from Kenya in Dubai for a few days to spend some time with their gorgeous grandchildren.

Just kidding - they're lovely really. And my MlL does all the cooking!

And then my sister-in-law said she, too, would like to come over from Australia with her husband and two children, to spend time with her parents (and us, I presume). And then my other sister-in-law thought that, as the party was clearly here, she and her husband may as well pop in, too, on their way from London to Thailand.

So now I have eight in-laws with me for the Christmas week. That’s a total of 13 people (including the indispensible Gerlie) in the house. For a week.

This, sweet readers, is the price you pay for living in a travel hub like Dubai. You may not hear a lot from me this week.



Written by mrsdubai

December 27, 2010 at 9:52 pm

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