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Date night

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The other night, DH and I went on a date. It’s important when you’ve been together 20 years, as we have, to keep the romance alive.

So we went shopping.

Don’t get me wrong: DH and I are not big shoppers. But often it seems we’re in a mall to do something for or with the kids, or to take them out for lunch (hello Carluccio’s), and we walk past all these enticing shops and we (I) see all those amazing windows, but we (I) haven’t got time to browse. So I suggested we chuck the kids to bed then hit the mall. Amazingly, DH said yes.

I suggested Mall of the Emirates. You can get a glass of wine there.  But DH proposed Outlet Mall as it’s a) closer b) probably less crowded and c) you can get an eco car wash there for Dhs 10 (Dhs 25 in Mirdiff City Centre!).  That’s men for you.

Anyway, I capitulated – it wasn’t likely I’d be able to do the Christmas gift-shopping I’d had in mind, but I did at least have half a chance of finding a discounted designer frock for our Christmas drinks party… thinking Armani, Prada, Lanvin… and there’s always my own personal “candy shop” aka the Tod’s outlet.

Kid in a candy shop... that's me in the Tod's outlet. 60% off!!!

The date went well.  As soon as the kids were in bed, DH and I screeched off in his RR Sport, the music up loud, giggling like teenagers. We messed about in the mall like we had no cares in the world – trying on stuff we never usually would; eating junk food (New York fries anyone?) for dinner because we didn’t have the children watching – and shopping till we dropped.

“You’ve only got 10 more minutes,” said DH, looking a bit jaded by 9.50pm, as I haggled at the cash desk over a DKNY handbag.

“But no!” I told him, the Tod’s logo gleaming in my eye. “It’s open till midnight tonight!”

Oh, little did he know… I think next date night’ll be dinner at the Golf Club and home by 10.


Written by mrsdubai

November 29, 2010 at 8:34 pm

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