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Shop till you, um, have to do school pick-up

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 You will laugh when I tell you that I, ex-editor of a fashion magazine, haven’t been clothes shopping for – I don’t know – light years? In my defence, I have to say that pregnancy really stuffs up your shopping plans because a) your dress sense goes out of the window and b) you’re the size of a house because of all those Kit-Kats you’re eating on medical advice.And then, after you’ve pushed out your 3kg baby, you spend a year or two losing the other 10 or 15kgs of Kit-Kat weight, which really stuffs up your fashion nous.

Anyway, I’m delighted to say I’m now, finally, as DS reaches 20 months old, back to my target weight – the weight I was at 18 years old. Hurrah!

And I need some new clothes!

Not clothes that say, “Hello, mummy’s here!” Rather, clothes that say “See you at The Riv!” I’m not being unrealistic. My clubbing days are long behind me, but is it too much for a 40-year-old to want to look a little bit “with-it” while out on the town?

With that in mind, I studied Grazia and came up with this season’s must-have list:

          Dark, dark blue skinny jeans, rolled up, “Rizzo” from Grease style.

          Wide-leg flared jeans (already got those, he he!).

          Skinny cargo pants.

          A couple of pairs of (gasp) classy flats: Leopard print; Chanel-esque monochrome.

          A party dress – a one-shoulder, frou-frou Lanvin-esque style would be ideal.

          Some glam party tops to team with existing skinny pants and heels.

          A glam silk catsuit. I’m thinking Ayesha Depala.

Shop till you, um, have to do school pick-up

So today I managed to engineer two whole hours of shopping sans enfants. Just so you understand, they were not consecutive hours. One was in Mall of the Emirates, followed by a mad dash to nursery to pick up DS; the other was an hour in Mirdiff CC, followed by a mad dash to school to pick up DD.

I haven’t had so long, alone, in a mall for months – but I couldn’t buy a thing. Nothing. All the winter collections are in and the shops are full of wool, fur, shearling and boots. Hello! It’s 30 degrees outside! A rabbit fur cardigan? (Mango). No thanks.

It was very disappointing, but I did pick up a nice Chinese take-away from PF Chang’s. Forget the shopping: Next time I have two hours spare I think I may just lie by the pool.


Written by mrsdubai

November 24, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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