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DS is not a peaceful sleeper. I put him down on his back, but he rolls onto one side within five seconds. Within half an hour, though, he’s gone through 16 positions, is the wrong way up in the cot, upside-down, inside out and still fast asleep (his poor wife).

DS could well still be sleeping in a bag when he's old enough to mix me a G&T. Scary!

It doesn’t matter, though, as he sleeps in a baby sleeping bag so is warm at whatever angle he chooses.

The only thing is, he’s just outgrown his last 6-18 month one. He is, after all, 18 months old, and his little feet are bashing at the bottom of his much-loved Mamas & Papas number.

At DS’s age, DD wore real pyjamas, moved to a real bed and slept under a duvet. I appreciate that she was very young to do so, but, after crying one night till she vomited, she made it blatantly clear by climbing out of her cot and sky-diving headfirst onto a ceramic-tiled floor the next night that she was no longer content with the view of bars that the cot afforded her. So, petrified of future head injuries, we moved her to a single bed, in which she’s remained ever since.

The thought of DS being anywhere near a real bed at this age makes me clutch my gin a little harder and laugh manically.

So what DO you do with toddlers who’ve outgrown the 18-month sleeping bags? Yesterday, I bought DS a lovely cot-sized duvet. I pinned him under it; he took two seconds to escape and heave himself on top of it with a sigh of displeasure. He was back poking his feet though the sleeping bag within 10 seconds of bedtime.

‘What can we do?’ I wailed to DH.

‘Cut the end off the sleeping bag and put socks on him?’ he suggested, ever the pragmatist.

Thankfully I learned today that sleeping bags actually go up to 36 months. Three years old. Even a boy should, by then, be able to sleep under a duvet, no?


Written by mrsdubai

October 2, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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