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The Joys of (No) Jet Lag

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It’s a bit of a joke, isn’t it? Having jet lag when you come back from England.

There are people, I know, who lug babies to and from Australia or the USA as if it were the local supermarket. Their flights take about a week, with a time difference of 10 light years, yet they seem fine. England’s only about six hours away, and the time difference is a barely noticeable three hours, but, wow, what a finely tuned instrument I must be because I feel it like the fairytale Princess felt the infamous Pea.

And here’s the thing. It may only be three hours, but that is still three hours. So, when it comes to 10pm and I should be thinking about bed, I rarely am; and, worse still, at 7am I truly feel like it’s 4am. 4am after a late night, given I’m never asleep before midnight.

Red bloodshot eyes - check. Bags under the eyes - check. Droopy (bingo) wings - check. Yes, this is exactly how I feel!

DS, though, might be more suited to having the globe-trotting Angelina Jolie as his mother since he’s not suffering jet lag at all. Oh no. Not one teensy bit of jet lag for that baby.

Naively, I’d hoped he may suffer a little – in a way that saw him wake up at, say, 7am or even 7.30am, allowing me to enjoy a teeny-tiny lie-in on the last few days of the school holidays. But no, he’s been doing his 6am thing like clockwork – and today we were back to 5.30am (that’s about 2.30am for me).

The bags under my eyes are back and I can’t get through the afternoon without a quick toes-up. Back to normal service, then


Written by mrsdubai

September 1, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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