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Playing Guess Who? With a 5-year-old

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Guess Who? was DD’s favourite game last summer. In fact, that and the Mamma Mia DVD got us through a very long, lonely summer in Dubai, during which I largely refused to travel as I had newborn DS to contend with. But, last summer, DD could not read. She mastered the reverse logic of Guess Who? beautifully – better than my own mother, I must add – and memorised all of the faces and names so she knew who we were talking about.

Stephen will never be the same again

And then she had played it too much and the Guess Who? box grew dusty at the bottom of the bookshelf until…

‘Mummy, will you play Guess Who? with me?’ asked DD yesterday.

Of course I will – out of playing Lego, reading stories and doing colouring, Guess Who? is definitely my favourite. I used to love it myself as a child.

So we played a round or two, then DD’s attention began to wane. Now she can read, she started enjoying reading the names more than actually playing the game; then she started letting slip which card she had. Then it all went wrong.

‘Mummy, mine’s got a really silly name!’ she said, giggling.

Herman, I’m thinking. Maybe Philippe? Katrin?

DD is beside herself. She can’t contain it anymore.

‘Step. Hen!’ she said, falling over with laughter. ‘His name’s Step Hen! What a funny name, mummy!’ She stepped around the room pretending to be a hen.

I always had my doubts about learning to read using phonics.

Written by mrsdubai

May 22, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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