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What is it about Bloomingdales?

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I’m not a big fan of these upmarket department stores full of snooty sales ladies and handbags I can’t afford. Despite being invited to the opening Saks Fifth Avenue back in my fashion days, I never bonded with it. Harvey Nicks Dubai I can give or take; same with Galleries Lafayette.

Bloomingdales Dubai - I'm surprised how much I like it (and not just the Bobbi Bown counter)

But the relatively new-to-Dubai Bloomingdales has somehow wormed its way under my skin. So much so that, today, instead of parking in my usual spot in Dubai Mall’s P2 (ice rink and cinema) and walking three hours to Bloomingdales (it’s such a big mall it can be seen from space, or something), I actually figured out how to park as close as possible to Bloomies, even though it meant driving up six floors to find a space.

So what IS it about Bloomingdales? I think it’s that I always enter next to the Coach handbag concession. I get to pad over the luxe carpet and pick up the latest offering in candy-coloured leather, sniff it, feel it, put it on my arm and sigh, and no-one bugs me. 

The doorman always says, ‘Afternoon,’ individually, to myself, DD, DS and to Gerlie. (Yes, today I was shopping with Gerlie in tow as I had two children who can’t walk, and hence two pushchairs), which I think is really nice.

The staff know what they’re talking about, are actively pleasant and always make me feel wanted. Dubai residents will be all too familiar with the default position of shop staff here, which is usually to make you feel like you’re interrupting their terribly important me-time. Either that, or they follow you around like you’re a shop-lifter, heavy-breathing down your neck until you’re forced to flee.

But, today, I walked into Bloomingdales looking like a frazzled mum about to turn 60 and came out looking like a 25-year-old in the first flush of love. And it’s all thanks to a handsome man who cornered me as I headed into the beautifully scented cosmetics hall, and offered to make me look gorgeous. I saw he was from Bobbi Brown and agreed. Why not?

Within seconds I was on the stool being shown how to do my eyeliner, eyebrows, blusher, concealer and lippie. I have to say, before I saw the result, I was very dubious as the beautiful lady had used cream blusher. Apart from a brief affair on a stop-over in Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2002, my experience of cream blusher began and ended – in a greasy mess – in 1985.

‘Do you like it?’ asked the handsome man, when the beautiful lady had finished her work.

‘Is it me?’ I asked, unfamiliar with the glowing youth that shone back at me. Perhaps it was a trick and they just stuck a photo of someone else on the mirror.

‘Madam, you look like a celebrity,’ breathed Gerlie. High praise indeed. I bought the lot. A shop that makes you feel better about yourself? God bless Bloomingdales.


Written by mrsdubai

April 5, 2010 at 7:55 pm

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