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The Bring & Buy Sale

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I had a little ‘bring and buy’ sale at my house today.

If I’d suggested such a thing just two years ago in glamtastic Dubai, I would have been the social pariah of the school gates, but… well, a recession, some redundancies, a bit of belt-tightening… and how times change.

Anyway, the phrase ‘bring and buy’ took me straight back to the drafty church hall where I endured Brownies and Guides in the ‘70s and ‘80s (not nice memories). I was always having to take in stuff for the ‘red table’ at the bring and buy sales of my childhood.

I tried to think of a better name for the sale, but ‘bring and buy’ says it all, really. Bring something; buy something; go home happy.

I thought about making it a swap party – a ‘swish’ or whatever they’re called – but I wasn’t sure how that would work. What if you want something but the owner doesn’t want something of yours? Do you have to coerce her into liking something so you can have what you want? And what if you want a Tod’s handbag but all you have to offer in return is a necklace from Zara?

It was all too confusing, so ‘bring and buy’ it was. I threw in a jug (or four!) of Pimms and a plate of cupcakes and called it a ‘Pimms bring and buy sale’ in an effort to erase the memory of the drafty church hall, and I think it worked: everyone turned up looking glam and brought lovely stuff with them (except one friend I’d dearly have liked to come but, when I sounded her out she said she rarely makes wardrobe mistakes and hence had nothing to sell. How impressed was I?)

I think we all had fun parading up and down the living room in clothes we normally wouldn’t try and I think everyone had a good time.

Who needs crowded shopping malls when you’ve stylish girlfriends and a bucket of Pimms?


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March 20, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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