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Kitchen – Day 10

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It wasn’t a good day in the kitchen. Having started so well, and done so many of the ‘big’ things really quickly, the contractors are now stuck in the quagmire of sweating the small stuff. Crooked handles; soft-closes that don’t soft-close; wiring that doesn’t work; countertops the wrong height; marble that’s too short; gaps where there shouldn’t be gaps; a team that doesn’t turn up.

Yes, because they were supposed to have finished yesterday, the team’s now on a different job, and my not-quite-finished kitchen was largely ignored today, so I have another night living out of cardboard boxes on the dining room floor.

My patience is wearing thin, yet I never manage to communicate this to the project manager. When she says, ‘That’s entirely our fault. I’m so sorry. My apologies. We’ll get it fixed,’ what I really want to say is, ‘Too right you will, sunshine. Absolutely get it fixed TODAY. I’ll be docking Dhs 250 a day from your fee for each day you’re late.’  But all that comes out of my mouth is, ‘Oh, no problem, I understand…’

Certainly there is such a thing as being too nice for your own good.


Written by mrsdubai

January 19, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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