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Trouble At The Beach

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Dubai's beaches: according to figures, you're more likely to be arrested for 'swimming fully clothed' than for drinking alcohol...

Tonight’s post is not about me. It’s about a report I saw in our weekly tabloid paper, The Express, called ‘Caught InThe Act.’

I quote: ‘Police caught 6,385 people – or 21 daily – for offences on the beach in the first 10 months of this year.’

But we’ve only heard about the infamous ‘sex on the beach’ scandal (or was that 2008?). What on earth are these thousands of people doing on the beach that’s so terrible as to be counted as an offence? Here’s a breakdown:

  • 927 people caught ‘causing discomfort’ to other beachgoers (wow). Like, putting sand on their pizza?
  • 427 people caught swimming in their underwear – now, as someone who’s witnessed this I have to just add that we’re not talking about La Perla here; we’re talking about men in saggy white Y-fronts who decide to take a dip in them, usually followed by a rummage down the pants to get the sand out. Really, it’s not attractive (though fairly amusing).
  • 348 people caught taking photographs of women without their knowledge (fairly creepy).
  • 98 illegal immigrants arrested (if you’re illegal, avoid the beach).
  • 11 people caught consuming alcohol (only 11?).
  • 8 cases of theft ( – in 10 months?! How I love Dubai).
  • 2 people wanted in ‘dud cheque’ cases caught randomly (how about that for coincidence!).
  • 2 homosexuality cases.
  • 1 caught consuming drugs.
  • 1 indecent act (only one?! Maybe the Vince & Michelle message hit home).

BUT the most amazing thing for me in these figures is this: 4,596 people were caught for ‘swimming fully clothed’.

Now there’s a case for getting a new bikini for Christmas if ever I saw one.

All you need to know about me tonight is that I’ve baked far too many cupcakes for the school fete and I’m talking on the radio tomorrow morning: tune in to Dubai Eye at 9.30am to hear me live.


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December 18, 2009 at 9:51 pm

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