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Sick Kids

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Yesterday afternoon I took DD to see ‘The Tales of Peter Rabbit’ (Beatrix Potter) at the theatre while DS stayed home with Gerlie.

The Cast of Peter Rabbit - at least we got to see the show before the kids fell sick

It was a lovely show – cheerful songs, nice dances, an age-appropriate telling of the story and an enthusiastic audience. DD was excited to be out after dark but I was slightly antsy about leaving DS to be fed, bathed and put to bed by Gerlie – so far I haven’t missed a single dinner, bath or bedtime of his life, so we rushed home pronto after the show.

DS was still up when we got in. The moment I kissed him I knew he had a fever.

It was a long night; he woke every hour (as did we). At 6.30am, after I’d got DD into her school uniform and made her breakfast, she also failed the ‘lips’ temperature test. (Your lips always tell you if your kids have a temperature).

My day was spent 100% at home, administering Calpol, mopping brows and babying both the baby and the four-year-old. It was my first time with two sick kids and I’m hoping all the running around has burned off at least a zillion calories. I do feel thinner already.

Still, we spent much of the day outdoors – DS took his naps in the pram in the garden while I lay on the sun lounger and directed DD’s writing and drawing efforts over a cup of tea. Given how sick they both are, I’m SO glad we’re not flying off to Malaysia or the Maldives in the morning.


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November 25, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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