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So today I was driving on the school run – you know, 10 hours on the ‘road to hell’ – gas-guzzler on cruise control, ABBA songs up loud – when something strange happened. It was like a shadow was cast across the world. The light changed; I stopped squinting; the buildings took on a sinister cast; the cars looked dull; the shadows of the palm trees disappeared; I shivered; adrenalin sizzled in my tummy – what was about to happen? Was the world coming to an end?

Cloud 2 resized

A fluffy little cloud marks the start of Dubai's (ahem) chilly winter. Brr.

No, as it turned out.

As fast as it happened, the spooky moment passed. The buildings gleamed once more with the lustre one would expect in the City of Gold; my eyes were once again dazzled by sun reflected off the back of passing Ferraris and Maseratis; I squinted again. Everything was back to its normal, eye-popping brightness.

What on earth had happened? I looked up and found my explanation: a little bit of fluffy white cloud – the first I’ve seen since spring. I’d driven through its shadow.

We get so used to the perennial sunshine here that, when the sun is blocked out, the whole place looks different. A bit like how England looks different when bathed in brilliant sunshine, I guess.

Clouds and rain really do make front-page news here. Check out this news report from one of our local papers, the Gulf News, about some rain we had back in 2005:

I particularly like the line: ‘[The rain] disrupted some commuters and drenched those travelling to work by motorbike.’ Tee hee!


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November 11, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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