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Dubai’s Hotels – Boom or Bust?

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There are perks to living in a city that has a very high concentration of high-end hotels. Obviously, as residents of Dubai, we get to dine out in restaurants run by celebrity chefs; we get to use the hotels’ world-class spas; their fancy beach clubs; and their bars and nightclubs. Should we wish to, we get to drink, dance or sunbathe alongside the (often dodgy) celebrities that stay in ‘Djoo-buy’s’ fanciest hotels.

Beach - mine

Dubai's beach hotels - too pricey for residents to enjoy

There even used to be a time when Dubai’s residents could afford to grab the odd weekend break in some of the UAE’s gorgeous five-star beach hotels, putting a whole new spin on the concept of ‘staycations’ – no flights, no airports, no jetlag – just an amazing beach holiday where you could, technically, nip home each night to feed the cat (if you wanted).

But then the boom boomed, prices rocketed and it became cheaper for someone living in Dubai to fly to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Maldives and spend four or five nights in a luxury resort than it was to spend one weekend in a hotel here in Dubai. When we realised that a holidaymaker from Europe could stay in a hotel for a week, including flights, for the price the same hotel would charge locals for just one night, DH and I gave up even thinking about ‘staycations’ in Dubai.

So it was with some interest that I noticed the beginning of a trend here: a spate of ‘special offers’ for weekend breaks in Dubai hotels, specifically aimed at residents of the UAE.

Great, I thought – with a little baby it might be nice to have a couple of nights in a nice hotel without having to sneak the baby formula through airport security, lug a car seat as hand baggage and balance the pushchair on my head as I waft through the airport covered in baby sick.

One ad in particular caught my eye: stay a minimum of three nights in an executive club room with ‘free’ breakfast and a 30-minute facial included. The special offer price? ‘From’ £625 (Dhs 3,740) per night – or a total of £1,875 (plus tax?). Who are they kidding? Isn’t it time someone told the hotels here about the recession?


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November 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

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