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Overheard at the Golf Club

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Last night I dined at the Golf Club. That may sound more glamorous than it really is – we ladies picked it because it’s the closest venue to home AND licensed – in Dubai you can only drink alcohol in 5* hotels or private clubs, and what’s the point in dinner without a little snifter?

Golf Club 2

The Golf Club - an extension of my dining room

Despite being so close and familiar that it may as well be an extension of my dining room, the Golf Club is very nice – at 30˚C the weather was cool enough for us to sit outdoors facing the floodlit greens as we made the most of the week’s deal on Sauvignon Blanc and waited for our salmon steaks to be roasted and arranged on their beds of wilted spinach (to be honest, I was so tired I felt like collapsing on the bed of wilted spinach myself).

Anyway, as I was arriving, I overheard one side of a phone call between a Filipina waitress and, presumably, a Western man. It went a bit like this (you have to help me by trying to imagine the Filipino accent):

‘Yes, sir, there is a dress code… yes sir, no flip-flops, and you have to wear a shirt with colour… yes, sir, with colour… yes, colour.’

At this point the lady was tugging her uniform collar to demonstrate to the man on the phone that she meant collar, not colour, and I was pressing my lips together trying not to laugh.

‘No, not ‘colour’ like blue,’ she continued, ‘colour!’ – I could just imagine what the man had asked.

‘No, sir, not red. Not patterned. Colour! Shirt with colour!’ She was tugging frantically at her own polo shirt collar; I wanted to take the phone and explain myself, but the man finally got it and the waitress hung up.

It reminded me of some of the funnier exchanges I’ve had with my helper, Gerlie, who’s also from the Philippines. My favourite one in recent weeks was when a friend arrived in a Nissan Armada.

‘Wow,’ breathed Gerlie as we all gazed in awe at the domestic minibus dwarfing the house. ‘Is it a Humdinger?’ (I’m guessing she meant a Hummer – they have become quite popular in our street).

A friend has the best story, though. She was touched when her helper handed her son a card on his birthday. On the front it said, ‘What do I have when I hold two balls in my hand?’

The tagline? ‘A man’s undivided attention.’

He’s five years old.


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November 3, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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  1. Wonderful!


    November 4, 2009 at 2:56 am

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